How to Engage Your Leadership

The MOST common question I am asked is, "How do I get leadership buy-in?"

First, every new organization-wide program or project requires a strong governance structure.  

This includes:

  1. a program policy,
  2. an executive sponsor, and
  3. a steering committee

An executive sponsor is a leader in your organization who will be the champion for your program.  Watch this 4-minute video sponsored by the California Department of Health and hear from other executive sponsors about the importance of leadership in preparedness and continuity.


It is about relationship building, understanding the priorities of your leadership and learning how to package your message about your program susinctly so you can capitalize on the few minutes you have their attention.  


Take the time you need in this leadership engagement phase.  It will go a long way when you move forward with your program implementation.


Download our one page 7 Steps to Leadership and Physician Engagement. Choose at least one idea and share with us how it worked.  What challenges did you face?  What was one thing that went well?