Colleagues from healthcare organizations around the country will be joining the Resiliency eLab 2018 Cohort.


Developed by healthcare emergency managers and continuity planners, the coursework and the tools are designed specifically for healthcare provider organizations.


Why an eLab? 

When you are enhancing your emergency management program or establishing your continuity of operations plan, you need to know where to begin so it’s easier to engage leadership, understand the scope, and deliver on a program that works.  By offering this program online, it allows you to participate virtually and on your own schedule.


We’ve spent the past decade advising and educating healthcare professionals around the country on how to implement their programs.  However, our in-person advisors and workshops can only serve so many of our colleagues at a time.


To help meet the demand, we’ve created this eLab so we can reach more healthcare providers and assist organizations that may not have a budget for consulting support.


Listen to Managing Partner, Angela Devlen share more about our new program.

The eLab Program

This year-long, online program, is the blueprint to enhance your emergency management program and integrate continuity planning for true resiliency.  Together, we will build a program for your organization that engages your leadership, strengthens your plans and helps ensure the continuity of healthcare delivery following services interruptions and disasters.


The five-minute overview below provides all the details about the program and what you gain from participating.



Public Registration for the Resliency eLab is SOLD OUT and is now closed.  Due to the size of this year's cohort, we are adding a second orientation in March.  This allows us to open up more seats for our members.  This year's cohort includes over 100 healthcare providers from around the country including Illinois, New Mexico, California, and Colorado.  Save your spot before March 16th!

The Curriculum


Our Resiliency eLab is our online learning program that includes topics aimed to advance healthcare resiliency by managing risk, improving emergency operations, and ensuring the continuity of healthcare delivery following services interruptions and disasters.


Top health systems nationwide follow our program and generously share their experiences and lessons learned throughout our courses. Our series of courses includes these lessons along with tools and templates that allow you to tailor both your education pathway and the materials to the needs of your organization including:

  • Delivery of 9 LIVE instructional videos  + ongoing access to recordings
  • Group discussion board
  • Live Q + A sessions with experts + instructor
  • Course Workbook
  • 50 + templates
  • Tools, Videos + 12 Bonus Resources
  • Step-by-Step Track Your Progress Tool
  • Access to an education portal with everything in one place


Establish your program strategy,  framework and governance structure

Strategy Course

How to establish your resiliency program strategy + framework


Governance Course
How to formalize program sponsorship


Leadership Course
How to build strategies for engaging your leadership

Course Tools + Templates

  • Policy Template

  • Program Framework Tool

  • Strategic Plan Template

  • Executive PowerPoint

  • Communications Plan Template

  • Tips for Engaging Leadership



Develop strategies and plans for emergency operations and continuity planning

Data Course

How to conduct interviews to gather the data needed for your plans


Planning Course

How to evaluate strategies for resiliency


Documentation Course

How to pull it all together in your new plan

Course Tools + Templates

  • Interview Methodology 

  • Interview Definitions + Questions Guide

  • Over 50 Templates for Clinics, Long-Term Care and Hospitals of all sizes

  • New Case Examples on How Plans Have Been Used in Real Events



Educate, exercise and monitor your program

Education Course

How to design and deliver effective education to staff and leaders


Exercises Course

How to enhance and optimize your tests and exercises


Monitoring Course

How to establish metrics for an effective monitoring and   evaluation process

Lead Course Tools + Templates

  • PowerPoint Templates

  • Lesson Plans

  • Exercise Templates

  • Metrics Workbook

  • Executive Dashboard